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Three classifications of precision plastic molds

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Precision plastic molds are divided into: Dashuikou mold, fine nozzle mold, hot runner mold.
1, Dashuikou mold
The flow channel and the gate are on the parting line, and the product is demolded together when the product is opened. The design is the simplest, easy to process, and the cost is low, so many people use the large nozzle system.
2, fine nozzle mold
The runners and gates are not on the parting line, generally directly on the product. Therefore, it is necessary to design a set of nozzle splitting lines. The design is more complicated and the processing is more difficult. Generally, the sluice system is selected according to the product requirements.
3, hot runner mold
The mold structure is basically the same as the sluice. The biggest difference is that the flow channel is in one or more constant temperature hot runner plates and hot boring nozzles. There is no cold material demoulding, and the runners and gates are directly on the product. The flow channel does not need to be demoulded. This system is also called a waterless port system, which can save raw materials and is suitable for the case where the raw materials are expensive and the product requirements are high. The design and processing are difficult, and the mold cost is high.
The plastic mold nozzle can also be called a gate, which refers to the joint between the frame and the part formed by the factory when the model is casted, and can be divided into a large nozzle and a small nozzle.
1. The big nozzle refers to the two-plate mold, which flows to the mold core and enters the product through the gate. Therefore, the position of the gate is relatively limited at the edge of the product.
2, the thin nozzle refers to the three-plate mold, the flow channel is above the front of the front mold, the gate can be directly placed on the product, or placed on the mold.
There are many places to choose the gate location, and the runner gate and the product will be automatically separated when the mold is opened, and the step of cutting the gate is omitted.
The cutting nozzle is completed in two stages:
1. First cut the part from the frame from a position that retains some of the nozzles slightly.
2. Use the model to cut off the remaining nozzle at the edge of the part with a pen knife.
The direction of the oblique cut and the nozzle should be cut by the oblique cut along the thinner direction of the nozzle, so that the cut will not cause the nozzle to be excessively twisted, resulting in whitening of the joint between the nozzle and the part.
When using the pen knife to cut the nozzle, it should be cut from top to bottom, which is safe and can make the position of the nozzle of the part smooth and smooth.
In addition, in order to make the nozzle more inconspicuous, sandpaper can be used to polish from coarse to fine.


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