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Causes and solutions for cracks in plastic molds

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Plastic molds are indispensable tools for the production of various batches of products in modern industrial society. However, in various practical productions, various problems may arise due to the reasons of plastic mold factory technology, equipment, experience, materials, etc. For example, the problem of cracks in plastic molds that have been encountered in the industry, what are the causes and solutions for this problem?
Although the entire plastic mold is designed and manufactured under deliberate conditions, people's understanding of a product is often limited, especially for some industry inexperienced practitioners, this is also all plastic mold manufacturers. After the production is completed, the reason for the test is to be carried out, and the crack of the plastic mold is no different. The mold designer can not control the wall thickness parameters of the whole mold at the design stage, resulting in insufficient rigidity of the whole mold. In addition, in the processing of the cavity, the corners need to be processed into R angles to avoid cracks in the plastic mold due to stress concentration.
   Of course, in the end, the design of the plastic product to be produced should have an understanding of the design of the entire plastic mold, so as to select the appropriate mold steel material, according to the precision of the mold, the complexity of the structure will affect the subsequent mold. Processing difficulty, so before you have to know the selection of the entire mold, otherwise it is likely to cause cracks in the final mold.

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