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How many do you know about precision injection mold classifi

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Precision injection molds can be divided into three categories in terms of the different types of gating system.
Hot runner molds, hot runner systems, also known as hot runner systems, are mainly composed of hot sprue bushings, hot runner plates, and temperature-controlled electrical boxes. The hot runner systems are available in single-point hot gates and multi-point hot gates. The single-point hot gate uses a single hot sprue sleeve to directly inject the molten plastic into the cavity. It is suitable for a single-cavity single-gate plastic mold. The multi-point hot gate branches the molten material to each through a hot runner plate. The thermostatic sprue sleeve then enters the cavity, which is suitable for single-cavity multi-point feeding or multi-cavity molds. The mold structure is roughly the same as the sluice, and the considerable difference is that the flow passage is in one or more constant temperature. In the hot runner plate and the hot nozzle, there is no cold material demoulding, the runner and the gate are directly on the product, so the flow channel does not need to be demoulded. This system is also called the waterless port system, which can save raw materials and is suitable for the following situations, including expensive and high raw materials, difficult designing and processing, high mold costs.
Dashuikou mold: The runner and gate are on the parting line, and the product is demolded together when the mold is opened. The design is quite simple, easy to process, and low cost. Therefore, many people use the large nozzle system.
Sluice nozzle: The runner and gate are not on the parting line, generally directly on the product, so it is necessary to design a set of nozzle parting lines. The design is more complicated and the processing is more difficult. Generally, the sluice system is selected according to the product requirements. .

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